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Students you MUST complete your summer work.  It will be a huge part of your grade! You will also have a test the first day of school so make sure you remember your trig idenities and unit circle that you learned in precal!! I will not extend the due dates!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!  Do NOT WAIT!!! 

AP summer work.docx

Please click on the above link for your summer work if you have lost it!  It should also be in your drive! 


The following identities need to be memorized:


Definition of Six Trig Functions

Reciprocal Identities

Quotient Identities

Pythagorean Identities

Cofunction identities

Even/Odd Identities

Sum and Difference formulas

Double Angle Formulas



Do NOT wait until the last minute to finish this work.  I do not care if you work together in groups, I encourage it, but EACH OF YOU MUST SHOW WORK.  You have already been taught all the information in this chapter, some is Algebra 1 some is Precal.  The level of the questioning is harder though and will be a good preparation for AP Calculus. If you have any questions please feel free to email me or call me (before 9:00 PM).   I will not be available for help the week of June 13-18, June 27-July 3 and July 25- July 30. 

Please email me at michelle.welch@fairfieldisd.org ; my cell phone is 903-390-7028.

Have a great summer and I look forward to a great year next year!

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