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Students will learn five Microsoft Office software programs:Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. BIM is a 99% paperless subject and students will learn to submit work/share folders and documents through Google Drive and Google Classroom. Throughout the year, students will receive a small sampling of working with Photoshop, Lucid Press and creating green-screen videos.

BIM students may test for a Microsoft certification at the end of the year if they show a high level of achievement in BIM for the year. The teacher will nominate the students for this exam because of the costs involved.

Class Materials: None required

BIM Syllabus

Below are BIM lessons that we have recorded. The list will be added to as the year progresses. This allows students who are absent to see the material presented by the teachers. These are shortened versions of the lessons, but it is enough to get the student started. These will also serve as reference instruction for those students who have questions during class.

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