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Laboratory Rules & Procedures

Laboratory Safety Procedures

  1. Absolutely NO HORSEPLAY!!
  2. Read all instructions, procedures, and required materials twice before beginning.
  3. Follow all safety rules.
  4. Everyone must participate to receive full credit.
  5. Wear only appropriate clothing:
    1. Tie back hair
    2. Closed toe shoes
    3. No loose clothing
    4. Wear gloves, goggles, and apron when needed
  6. Do not remove safety clothing at any time during lab. You may remove them when entire class is through.
  7. Keep all walkways clear of books and personal items. Put books and bags along walls.
  8. Each person in a lab group is required to complete a lab report, unless instructed otherwise.
  9. No more than 2 people per group will obtain lab supplies.
  10. EVERYONE must clean up after lab before leaving for the next class.
  11. Only 1 designated person per group may ask questions.
  12. Report all accidents or injuries immediately.
  13. Conserve materials and resources wisely, but do not return chemicals to their original container.
  14. Follow instructions for disposal of chemicals. When in doubt, ask before pouring in sink.
  15. Place broken glass in red garbage can.


  • Any lab stations which are not clean at the end of lab will result in a 15 point penalty for the entire lab group.


  • Any violations of the rules or procedures in labs will result in a loss of 30 points per incident and a possible restriction from labs. This is a Fairfield ISD policy.