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Classroom Cell Phone Usage

Students need to focus in class, and cell phone usage can be a serious distraction. However, smart phones and other personal devices are also an important technology that can be successfully utilized in a classroom setting. Chemistry students will rarely, if ever, need to used their devices in class. However, ESS students will have various apps, reminders, projects, etc. that will require supervised use. Unless engaged in approved activities, cell phone use will be strictly forbidden.

The following policies are in place in my class:

1. All students will place their cell phones in a designated place at the beginning of each class. Cell phones will be returned at the end of each class. 

2. Phones should be off/silent when turned in.

3. If a student does not turn in their cell they will face the following consequences:

            1. Cell phone will be turned in to the office as outlined by FISD policy. 

            2. Student will be counted tardy and/or given a zero on the day’s work. This will be retroactive when applicable.

            3. First violation will result in 3 detentions at a time of my choosing.

            4. Second and all subsequent violations will result in a discipline referral for extended school or other     consequences as deemed appropriate and approved by Mr. Whitaker.                    

            5.  This policy is subject to revision at any time, and will be updated on my website. 


Thank you for your support in this matter.