English Department Grading Polilcy

 The English Department at FHS adheres to the following grading policy for On-Level English II classes:

20% - Six Weeks Test

80% - Tests - Daily Work/Homework-Projects/Presentations

The following is a a breakdown of how grades will be recorded in my class:

Grades:  Test counts 3 to 5x—Essays counts 3 to 5x—Projects/Presentations count 3 to 5x--Quizzes count 2x—Homework/Daily Work 1x

 The Advanced Placement English Department adheres to the following grading policy for Pre-AP and AP English classes:

40% daily/homework/quiz grades – Quizzes count 2x in the gradebook

40% major assignments/tests – There will be at least 3 tests/major assignments per six weeks

20% six weeks exam

All Classes: Late work is deducted 30 points one day after it is due and not accepted after the 2nd day and a zero as the grade. EXCEPTION: If the late paper is a paper that was graded in class the day it was due, there will be an alternate assignment that will be due the next day with a 30 point deduction.