Math Models

2016-2017 Syllabus

Coach Kuehl

Course Description:

Type of Course: Regular

Grade Level: 9 – 12

Credit: 0.5 per semester (Local)


Math Models is designed to teach students how to analyze, develop and use mathematics in a variety of situations to show its relevance and utility.


Text Book:

  • “Mathematical Models with Applications” – Timmons, Johnson, McCook
    • Classroom Set.  Students may be assigned a book at the request of the parents or student.


  • 1 Folder with brads or binder (choice of student)
  • Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper
  • Pencil - use pencil only on all assignments
  • Spiral or Journal for Notes
  • Calculator (provided by school)

*Bring all materials to class daily.


  • Respect
    • Respect yourself.
    • Respect others.
    • Respect property (yours and others)
  • Be on time and prepared.
    • Be seated before tardy bell rings.
    • Bring materials to class every day.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.



  • Before School: Monday – Friday from 7:30 to 7:45 (except Tuesdays (parking lot duty) and the first Wednesday of every new six weeks)
  • Break: Monday –Friday (except on pep rally days, assemblies or during UIL)



Semester Grades

  • 50% Test (including but not limited to test and projects)
  • 30% Daily (including but not limited to classwork, homework, quizzes, participation)
  • 20% Six Weeks Test


Cheating results in a zero for the assignment/test/quiz and disciplinary actions.



Homework will be assigned daily and posted on the FISD web page @ Work must be shown on all assignments.  If there is no work, credit will not be awarded for the assignment.


 Late Work:

Assignments are accepted within 1 day after the due date for a maximum grade of 70.   Projects and long-term assignments will not be accepted late. Please refer to guidelines in Student Handbook.


Make-Up Work:

  • Student is responsible for getting make-up work before/after school and during break.
  • Student is responsible for attending tutorials to receive assistance.
  • Please refer to guidelines in Student Handbook.



  • When a student is tardy, that student will remain by the classroom quietly without distraction. When the ten minute single tone rings, the teacher will open the door for the tardy student.
  • Assignments due at the beginning of class will be considered late.
  • Extra time will not be given during class.
  • Please refer to guidelines in Student Handbook.


Failing Assignments/Exams:

  • The student is responsible for making arrangements with the teacher for an alternate assignment on daily assignments and test for a maximum grade of 70.
  • Students will not be allowed to re-take nor re-do a long term project, a six-week exam or semester exam.
  • Please refer to guidelines in Student Handbook.

Contact Information:


Phone: 903-389-4177

Conference:  1:50 – 2:35.  Conferences must be scheduled at least one day in advance as a professional courtesy.  Please schedule conferences with the school secretary, Mrs. Briley at (903)389-4177.