Classroom Guidlines

Study Hall


Grading Policy

  • All students start with a ‘100’.
  • There is only one grade per six week period.
  • Students will receive a 5 point deduction per day for
    any of the following:
    • Head down/sleeping
    • Not working on homework or reading a book
    • Talking or persistent disruptive behavior
  • Once the grade lowers, it cannot be increased. It is the responsibility of the student to bring something to work on or read every day.
  • Failing a Study Hall will affect athletic and UIL eligibility.



  • Bring homework or reading material each day.
  • Treat other students with respect.
  • No talking or disruptive behavior..
  • Students needing to work in another teacher’s room
    must show a written note by that teacher upon arrival
    to class. Students who wait 5 or more minutes after
    arriving to class will not be allowed to leave. This is
    to prevent the student from interrupting the other
    teacher when they are teaching.
  • Do not ask to leave the class. If you forgot something, you will need to find something else to do.


Supplies Needed

Homework or reading material.


Lab Rules

~ Food, drinks and snacks are not allowed. 


~ If a cell phone is seen or heard, it will be taken up. I will only ask for your cell phone one time and if you refuse or don’t respond, you will be written up.


~ When entering the classroom, all backpacks, bags, etc. are to be left along the walls or on the counter.  No backpacks/purses should be in the aisles, on the floor, under the computer tables or on the computer tables. Failure to do so will result in detention.


~ Improper language will not be tolerated.


~ Seats will be assigned as needed.


Fridays are Game Days

Each Friday, students may play board games if they aren’t failing a class and did not have any deductions or discipline issues for the current week of grading. I will have board games available. Card games/dominoes will not be allowed.



Library Visits

Every other Tuesday, starting the first week of school, the entire class will visit the library to find a book to check out. This should ensure that they will have something to read if they do not have any homework.



~ Detention will be served in the morning at exactly 7:30 a.m. or at break in the classroom.  If the student is late or absent for detention, he/she will be referred to Mr. Whitaker for alternative arrangements.