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Welcome to my online classroom.

Dear Parents;          8-15-2017-2018                                      

Art 1- Periods 2-3-6-7
I am looking forward to working with your student this year.  I have several projects scheduled this year that I think will be fun and rewarding.  I have designed my courses to help the students  bridge from High School to entry level college courses as they progress from Art 1 to Art 4.  That means that we will have art vocabulary, Art History, hands on projects and class discussions and evaluations.    Art 1 begins with the basics learning the elements and principles of design and applying those concepts to a hands on projects.  

Art 2-3 Periods-1-5

 The advanced courses of Art will be introduced to increasingly difficult projects where students can experiment, discover, invent and refine techniques in their original works.  Classes will be working on a continuation of art media, tools, techniques, and are critiqued on a series of criteria specifically designed for each project.  The basic curriculum vocabulary words are followed by Art History and a hands on project that is selected to enrich a deeper understanding of the cultures of the world.  There will be a chronological study of ancient to modern art and architecture.  Class tests will be generated from the Art History worksheets and vocabulary for each lesson.  


Study Hall- Period 4

Students will read, study or bring homework to class.  


I follow school policy on work due dates, absences and suspensions.  There is usually no homework unless a student is absent and need to make up assignments.  Please become familiar with the school policies.

Materials for the beginning of school will be as listed below;

Art Materials:                                                                                                                                    

Two pocket folder,  notebook paper, erasers and pencils                                 

 1  Box of Kleenex 

Art Club Membership dues are $5.00

Drama Club dues are $5.00

The Fall Production show this year is will be voted on by the active club members.   Audition dates will be announced after the second week of school.
The One Act Play Title this year will be Lafayette No. 1, by Mandy Conner.  

Students wishing to  participate in the Fall Production and One Act Play must have passing grades, pass the school policy durg testing, and be in good standing with peers and staff.

I have 8th period conference if you need to meet with me call the school at 903-389-4177 to set up an appointment, or you may email me at



  • Daily Work               60%
  • Classroom Tests     20%
  • ​Six Weeks Tests      20%



1. Respect the teacher by words and actions

2. Sit in designated seats

3. Do your own work

4. Klean up after yourself, and put all materials where they belong

5. Follow voice levels


Sincerely, Susan Walsh 


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