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Nanceen Hoskins

Ms. Hoskins

English I

Fairfield High School - Room E 106


Conference Period:6th 

Classroom Supplies

  • Writing Implements – Pencils or Pens (any color except those that are hard to see like yellow, peach, pink,etc)

  • Red Pens (for grading) but I have some extra to use in class

  • Notebook Paper

  • Dividers

  • 1-2 inch binder

Grading Policy

  • 20% Six Weeks Test

  • 80%

    • Daily grades/Group work: count one time in grade book

    • Quizzes: Count two times in grade book

    • Tests: Count three times in grade book

    • Major projects/research paper -to be announce.  I will send a paper home with the information.

** Tests, which will have higher expectations, will be graded on a curve.  I will grade the test, put the grades into parent portal, and round up after all test is grade until the highest grade is mid to high 90’s

Late work/Makeup Work:

Late assignments are accepted only one day late for up to a 70. Basically if you make an 82 subtract 30 points.  Afterward, the assignment will not be accepted and the student will receive a zero. If the assignment is long term, late work will not be accepted period.


  • We will be in the class BEFORE the tardy bell rings

  • We will have all of our classroom MATERIALS and homework each day

  • We will listen and respond APPROPRIATELY and RESPECTFULLY to the teacher and our classmates.

  • We will work COLLABORATIVELY and not cheat from others.

  • We will attend class with a great ATTITUDE and a willingness to learn.

  • We will ALWAYS follow the directions.


Discipline procedures

  • The procedures will depend on the severity of the offense(s), therefore it will not be in a particular order.

    • Reminder /Warning (verbally and/or written)

    • Student Conference

    • Parent Conference/Call

    • Visit with Behavioral Staff

    • Visit to the Office

    • Morning or Break Detention

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